Our Branded Gazebo Range

Discover our diverse range of custom-branded gazebos, crafted to elevate your marketing and branding efforts.

Some Popular Gazebos

Our collection offers durable, functional, and eye-catching gazebos that are perfect for any event or outdoor space

Custom Gazebo Options

From custom colours and branding to specialised features, our gazebos let you design the perfect setup for your event or marketing goals


Choose eco-friendly with our rPET ECO gazebos, made from recycled plastic materials. These environmentally conscious structures offer durability without compromising on sustainability, letting you make a positive impact while creating a standout space.

Fade Resistant Dyes

Keep your custom gazebo looking vibrant over time with our fade-resistant dyes. These high-quality colours maintain their brilliance under the harshest sun, ensuring that your gazebo’s design remains bold and eye-catching, event after event.

Pantone Matched

Achieve precise branding with Pantone-matched colours. Our custom gazebos offer exact colour matching to your brand’s Pantone code, giving you consistent and accurate hues to create a seamless brand experience

How to Order

Our team designs, customises, and delivers your branded parasols stress-free in 4 easy steps.

Looking for Something Else?

Brollies and Parasols offer a wide range of custom branding solutions.