Branded Parasols: Storage Solutions

Warehouse facility for storage, picking and packing for BRANDED parasolsWe are excited to announce that we now offer a fully comprehensive storage service for our clients.  We can store your branded parasols and promotional umbrellas in our fully secure warehouse facility in Cardiff, Wales.  Boasting 24-hour security, electrified fences and site crash barriers, your promotional umbrellas and parasols couldn’t be ay more secure!

Why Store Branded Parasols?

Parasols in their very nature are long and require significant storage space.  They can also be heavy and cumbersome to move around.  We have a ready-made custom-built space where we can store your promotional parasols, safely and securely.  Our team have in-depth experience handling parasols so you can trust that your printed parasols and branded umbrellas are taken great care of.


What Do We Store?

We can store your brand new parasols prior to use.  These can then be delivered to different clients or premises as and when they are needed.  We can also store umbrellas too.

We also store parasols over the winter months for when they are not in use.  Many businesses only use their out door space in the warmer months meaning they have to store large branded parasols for months at end. This can prove difficult if you don’t have the space or facilities to hold them.  We can dry out your parasols’ canopies and then store them in a dry, cool environment until you need them for the following year.  an ideal solution for those with limited space.


What Happens Next?

Picking & Packing Branded ParasolsWarehouse facility for storage, picking and packing for Brollies & Parasols

We offer a dropship model so we can send out your branded parasols or promotional umbrellas direct to your clients with no fuss or work involved.



We also have a number of different couriers and shipping companies that we can utilise if you want any of your stock or orders shipped.    This allows you to make use of our secured low shipping rates with our approved shipping partners.  This is particularly useful for parasols which tend to be classed as “Out of Gauge”.  This is due to their length, resulting in either shipping companies not accepting them or charging huge extra charges.   Our shipping partners all will accept long consignments and at low rates.


Please contact the team for storage packages and costs: or call 029 2049 4086