Our Commercial Parasol Range

Our range features durable materials and innovative designs, ensuring both style and longevity.

Enhance Your Commercial Parasols

From branded printing to weighted bases and weather-resistant covers, we offer a variety of enhancements to meet your needs.

Optional Bases

Ensure stability and safety with our range of optional bases. Designed to fit a variety of settings, these bases provide reliable support for your parasols. Choose from weighted, mounted, or other specialised bases to meet your specific requirements.

Pantone Matching

Personalise your parasols with our Pantone matching service. We can custom-dye your canopies to align with your brand’s exact colour scheme, ensuring a seamless and professional look across all your outdoor areas.

Fire-Retardant Canopies – Upgrade

Upgrade to fire retardant canopies for added safety and compliance with industry standards. Ideal for commercial settings, these canopies offer enhanced protection while maintaining the same quality and appearance as our standard canopies

Fade-Resistant Dyes

Keep your parasols vibrant and fresh with our fade resistant dyes. Designed to withstand exposure to sunlight and weather, these dyes ensure that your parasols retain their original colour and appeal over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

How to Order

Our team designs, customizes, and delivers your products stress-free in 4 easy steps.

Our Branded Parasol Range

Explore our extensive range of branded parasols, designed to showcase your logo and enhance your brand’s visibility.

Looking for Something Else?

Brollies and Parasols offer a wide range of custom branding solutions.