Our Walker Umbrella Range

Discover an array of sturdy and elegant walker umbrellas crafted to keep you dry and looking sharp

Walker Umbrella Options

From classic colours to vibrant patterns, explore a variety of walker umbrella options to suit your unique taste

Crooked Handles in Wood or Rubber

Our Walker City umbrellas offer the classic charm of crooked handles, providing a comfortable grip and a touch of elegance. Choose from durable wood for a traditional look or rubber for a more contemporary, non-slip option. Both types of handles ensure a secure hold and add a distinctive style to your branded umbrellas.

27” Canopies. Ideal for the City and Busy Events

With a 27-inch canopy, our umbrellas are perfectly sized for city life and crowded events. This size provides ample coverage from the rain while remaining compact enough for easy navigation through bustling streets and tight spaces. It’s the ideal balance between practicality and portability.

Engraved Metal Collars

Add a unique touch to your branded umbrellas with our engraved metal collars. This feature allows you to customize each umbrella with a logo, a name, or a special message, creating a memorable detail that sets your brand apart. The engraved collars add a premium feel and contribute to the umbrella’s overall durability.

Dual Layer Canopies

Our dual-layer canopies are designed for enhanced wind resistance and durability. This innovative feature not only looks sleek but also provides extra stability in gusty conditions, helping to prevent the umbrella from inverting. The dual-layer construction ensures that your branded umbrellas offer reliable protection, even in challenging weather.

How to Order

Our team designs, customizes, and delivers your branded umbrellas stress-free in 4 easy steps.

Our Branded Umbrella Range

Explore our extensive range of branded umbrellas, designed to showcase your logo and enhance your brand’s visibility.

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