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Easy Pantoned Matched Printed Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas need to embody your brand – both in quality and true-to-brand visually. Learn how you can get an exact colour match for your promotional umbrellas for low quantities and for low cost   If your company has a unique colour scheme then purchasing printed umbrellas can be an expensive business.  Pantone matched canopies […]

Does Size Matter for Promotional Umbrellas?

Does Size Matter for Promotional Umbrellas? Here at Brollies and Parasols we are attempting to answer the eternal promotional umbrellas question – does size matter?  From our XL golf branded umbrellas to our super mini ultimate printed umbrellas, does the size of the umbrellas matter to your business? If you think about the question long […]

Printed Umbrellas in Full Colour

Inject some colour into your printed umbrellas and enhance your branding… Brollies & Parasols offer over 30 standard stock canopy colours giving your maximum choice for FREE! Here at Brollies & Parasols we are proud to offer over 30 colours for our entire branded umbrellas range. We know how important colour is to branding. We […]

The Leading UK Specialist for Promotional Parasols

Extensive Range of Promotional Parasols – with Lead Times from 3 Weeks Brollies & Parasols pride ourselves on being the leading UK promotional parasols specialists.  This title has been earned through the comprehensive service we offer. Our extensive collection of promotional parasols, paired with exceptional choice of canopy colours, sizes, finishes and bases, gives our […]

Printed Parasols – Canopy Fabrics Explained

What Fabrics are Available for Branded Parasols?   Here at Brollies & Parasols our standard Branded parasol canopies come in polyester.  Polyester makes an ideal fabric for parasols as it has superior strength, the fibres don’t wear quickly and whilst being flexible it is more resistant to creases.  It also dries very fast. It is […]

Join The Pack with Our Best-Selling Golf Branded Umbrellas

Uber Brolly Golf Printed Umbrellas at Unbeatable Prices It is not always good to follow the crowd but in some cases this just isn’t true!  If you are looking for branded umbrellas, then a good place to start is to look at our bestselling umbrellas.  This not only tells you the best printed umbrellas you […]

Unsure of Umbrellas?

Your Guide to the Umbrellas Unknowns So you have come to the realisation that customised print umbrellas are a great way to shout out your branding as well representing a fantastic return-on investment.  The next step is to choose what umbrella type to go for.  An umbrella is an umbrella right?  Well no.  There are […]


WHERE TO BUY BUDGET BRANDED UMBRELLAS Are you looking for high-quality bespoke Branded umbrellas? If so, why not see what Brollies & Parasols have to offer? The team at Brollies & Parasols go the extra mile to cater for their clients and customers and are able to provide umbrellas with hi-res printing to suit all budgets. […]


  The friendly professionals at Brollies & Parasols are waiting to hear from you if you require promotional umbrellas featuring your own unique branding. Brollies & Parasols have produced umbrellas for companies from a wide range of industries and are flexible enough to work with all budgets. Hi-res printing comes as standard, and the team can oversee […]

Personalise Your Branded Umbrellas

Browse Promotional Umbrella Branding Options! If you want a simple Branded umbrellas we can print your logo onto 2 or 4 panels – or all 8 if you wish!  However sometimes you want something a bit different. Something unique, something that will make branded umbrellas stand out and get remembered.  If this is the case […]