We are very pleased to say that we can Pantone match your parasol canopies. This is a free of charge service, with any of our ECO canopies. Please note that we digitally print the exterior of your canopy to your chosen Pantone reference.  This means that the inside of the canopy will be white, however, when the parasol is put up, the interior of the canopy will look a lighter shade of the exterior due to the light that shines through.

We also offer interior canopy printing so we can print both sides of the fabric if you want an exact match on both sides. Price upon request.

Alternatively, we can provide you with a double canopy so that there are two layers – this will allow you to have the interior of the canopy a different colour or print it with a different design / logo.  Price upon request.

As well as our standard 35 stock colours [see above colour chart] we also hold stock of additional colours.  This means that in 87% of cases, we can find a very close match from our stock colours.  If however an exact colour is needed for your branding then we can Pantone match the canopies for you.