Join The Pack with Our Best-Selling Golf Branded Umbrellas

Uber Brolly Golf Printed Umbrellas at Unbeatable Prices

yellow umbrellaIt is not always good to follow the crowd but in some cases this just isn’t true!  If you are looking for branded umbrellas, then a good place to start is to look at our bestselling umbrellas.  This not only tells you the best printed umbrellas you can find within the umbrellas categories (Golf, Walker or Telescopic) but you can make some big savings too!

As with most companies, here at Umbrellas & Parasols we buy in bulk.  So the frames of our most popular branded umbrellas we can buy in high volumes which drives down the cost.  We like to play fair and so we pass these savings directly onto you!

Logo Umbrellas LoGU golf branded umbrellaIf you are looking for a durable Golf Umbrella then look no further than our best-selling golf printed umbrella:  The Uber Brolly Golf Umbrella.  If though this is part of our premium Uber Brolly range, the price of this umbrella is EXACTLY the same our standard Classic Golf Umbrella.  So for the same price you are getting:

  • A premium umbrella – Not a mid-range logo umbrella
  • A performance guarantee – Not offered with the Classic Golf branded umbrella
  • Fibreglass ribs – Not carbonised ribs as with the Classic Golf branded umbrella
  • Fibreglass shaft – Not a steel shaft as with the Classic Golf branded umbrella
  • Non-slip Seno rubber handle – Not a plastic pistol handle as with the Classic Golf branded umbrella


So if you are looking for 100 golf branded umbrellas, for £9.95 you can get a fully printed umbrella with us, either:

  1. Uber Brolly Golf Umbrella, OR
  2. Classic Golf Umbrella

There is simply no contest.  Trust us this is a great deal and you won’t be able to get better for your money!


Here is a little more about our Golf branded umbrellas: Logo umbrellas with Spot Colour Printing

  • Strong, study and durable golf umbrella
  • Fibreglass frame, shaft and ribs
  • Manual safety open and close system
  • Part of the exclusive Uber Brolly range
  • Performance Guarantee supplied
  • Non-slip Seno rubber handle
  • Different handle colour options
  • Options for colour coordinating shaft and ribs
  • All 8 panels are customisable & printable [exterior & interior]
  • 40 canopy colours available as standard; FREE pantone matching with 500 + units
  • Full branding options available


Uber Brolly Golf Branded Umbrella Prices

50 Units: £11.95 per unit
100 Units: £9.95 per unit
250 Units: £8.45 per unit
500 Units: £5.95 per unit
1000+ Units: £5.45 per unit

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