The Maple Walker: The Latest Addition to our Branded Umbrellas Collection

The Ultimate in Printed Umbrellas: The Maple Wooden Walker

It’s luxurious, opulent and elegant. Our Über Brolly Maple Wooden Walker branded umbrellas is the very best money can buy.  They will definitely wow.

Promotional umbrellas handle

If you have a high end brand or want to associate your company with luxury.  Then these Maple Walker printed umbrellas are the obvious choice.


The opulent Über Brolly Maple Wooden Walker Umbrella blurs the traditional, classic look with the very latest technology, making it both durable and strong. Their fibreglass ribs give these branded umbrellas superior strength and durability as well as making it lightweight and easy to carry.

Maple is a hard wood and is strong, resistant to splitting and naturally durable. It has a straight, delicate grain making it highly decorative too. Maple a signature speciality luxury wood and within an elegant umbrella. The Über Brolly Maple Wooden Walker Umbrella it is guaranteed to impress.

Abranded umbrellas caps it is part of our exclusive Über Brolly range. These branded umbrellas are supplied with a performance guarantee so you can rely on their quality and durability. If your brand is on a product, you want that product to last, perform and impress. Our FULL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES with all our  Über Brolly printed umbrellas, give you complete reassurance and peace of mind, a promise from us to you of exceptional quality.

This umbrella has 8 panels in your choice of colour(s) and can be customised with your logo and branding via screen-printing; digital printing is also available for more complicated designs.printed umbrellas inside

Optional extras are a double canopy, engraved metal cuffs, branded tie wraps, handle choices of straight or crook as well as printable sleeves.

For full prices and to request a sample please contact one of the Brollies & Parasols team who will be able to help you as well as guide you through any questions you may have about our branded umbrellas.