Parasol Assembly Instructions



1.Assemble base in situ. If you have a Metal Cross Base, you will require 4 inserts. 1 insert to be placed each of the 4 quadrants.


2. Remove all components from the box:

    • Main parasol frame (central pole + ribs with canopy attached)
    • Lower central pole (short pole)
    • End cap (for wooden parasols only)


3. Screw the lower central pole into main parasol frame.


4. Place the parasol into the base. Tighten the base adjuster [side screw(s)] so that the central pole is held tightly.


5. Gently unfurl the parasol, it may be quite stiff after packing and shipping. Pull out each rib slightly and give them a quick shake. If the parasol is stiff, this maybe because the ribs have crossed over in transit. It can help to stand under the canopy & very gently help free the ribs manually.


6. Slowly pull on the cord whilst gently pulling one of the long ribs out, helping to raise the canopy. This will lift the canopy so the ribs begin to extend outward and the parasol’s canopy becomes taut.


7. Once the canopy is firm, insert the pin into one of the holes in the central pole.


8. When the parasol is in place, the pulley cord can be either:

  • Printed Parasols Assembly Wrapped around the pole and secured by threading through the pin chain
















  • Branded Parasols safe assembly Wrap the rope in a figure of 8 and hook it onto the pin




IMPORTANT: please always ensure that the rope is secured at a height that children cannot reach.

Please remember to lower your canopy when not in use, during strong winds and storms.













TO CLOSE: Hold the rope firmly so there is no slack & remove the pin. Slowly release the cord to lower the canopy whilst walking outwards. Secure the tie provided around the parasol canopy. Please follow our USAGE & CARE guidance for safe storage.