Printed Umbrellas with Colour Changing Canopies: See Your Branding Explode into Colour

Printed Umbrellas - Colour Changing umbrella - no rainPrinted Umbrellas - Colour Changing umbrella - rain Our printed umbrellas can now erupt into colour when the rain falls, brightening up any dreary day

Brollies & Parasols are excited to introduce rain-activated colour canopies for our entire printed umbrellas range.  When the rain falls, the colours on the canopy are activated and the canopy explodes into full colour.   An eye catching way to get your branding noticed!


Eye Catching Branding for your Printed Umbrellas

This is a great way to show off your branding, whether it is your logo or a full design.  Guaranteed to catch the eye and to get your branding noticed.  In this day and age where the novelty and Instagram-ability of a product is king, then our colour-changing umbrellas lead the way.  They will definitely get your brand talked about!


Branded umbrellas - colour changing canopy

How the Colour-Changing Technology Works on Promotional Umbrellas

This technology can be used on any of our printed umbrellas from as a little as £1.50 per unit.  The costs come down to the number of colours you want to change and then design itself.  Therefore we do need to see or discuss a design first before we can quote.  In terms of design you can choose any colours (any Pantone reference) for each of the colours on the canopy. How it works is that


What Next?

Firstly have a think about what umbrella you would like a colour-changing canopy put onto.  This will allow us to put together the right design for you.  You can select any of our Branded Umbrellas – Golf, City Walker or Telescopic.

Promotional umbrellas with colour changing canopy when wetThen start thinking about a design as this will help us quote you more accurately.

Then give us a shout!  Either if you have any questions or are ready for a quote then just get in touch and one of our team would be very happy to help!  Simply email us on or call on 02920 494086.