Umbrellas & Parasols: Golf Telescopic Umbrella

  • Large ‘Golf Umbrella’ sized canopy
  • With a two-fold telescopic shaft
  • Compact when collapsed but a large area of rain coverage when opened
  • Unique umbrella where you get the best of both worlds!
  • Automatic opening system
  • Steel frame and steel OR upgrade to fibreglass rib options
  • Handle choices and colour choices
  • Colour coordinated handle cord
  • Easy to store as it collapses
  • Print logo or design on 4 panels
  • All 8 panels are customisable
  • A comprehensive range of over 40 canopy colours are available at no extra cost
  • Full branding options available

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Umbrellas & Parasols Golf Telescopic Umbrella are golf sized printed umbrellas that cleverly and neatly fold into two for easy storage and carrying. Ideal for men, this telescopic umbrella has a substantially bigger canopy than the standard telescopic umbrella, measuring 68cm. Therefore these printed umbrellas provide more superior rain coverage.

You can opt for the standard metal shaft and ribs or upgrade for ultra strength by going for fibreglass ribs. It also comes with a neat automatic open and close system.

These printed umbrellas combine almost the impossible, a large canopy with a compact brolly. It’s telescopic collapsible shaft means it can be stored and carried in a compact state .

Make your printed umbrellas extra special by opting for a double layered canopy in an array of different colours. Also available with crook and straight handles are options.

This umbrella has 8 panels in your choice of colour(s) and can be customised with your logo and branding via screen-printing; digital printing is also available for more complicated designs.

Additional information


Steel with a Two-Fold telescopic


Steel or super strong fibreglass


Golf umbrella sized canopy in a classic round style. High-quality pongee with a Two-Fold telescopic


Fabric sleeve included – printing and branding available as an optional extra


Plastic straight or crook in either black or silver with matching cord, other colours available as an optional extra

Size - Closed:

50cm long



Opening System

Automatic open and close system


Printed Umbrellas: Options


Brollies & Parasols printed umbrellas come with a range of different options:


  • Standard steel ribs or upgrade to super strong fibreglass ribs
  • Colour options for handle
  • Colour options for cord
  • Printable sleeve
  • Manual or automatic opening system
  • Different handle options, including straight or crooked
  • Upgrade to Über Brolly Mini Golf Umbrella for a neat, smaller golf umbrella


Printed Umbrellas: Branding Options


Brollies & Parasols printed umbrellas come with a range of different options for printing:


  • Pantone colour matching
  • Full colour process printing
  • All over printing
  • Interior canopy printing
  • Double layered canopy
  • Decal
  • Contrasting colour trim
  • Printed tie wrap
  • Plastic EVA case


Our full range of canopy colour options include:


White, Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Taupe, Ivory, Ecru, Yellow, Lemon, Bright Yellow, Orange, Burnt Orange, Pink, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Wine Red, Postbox Red, Burgundy, Maroon, Violet, Royal Purple, Lilac, Sky Blue, Cornflower Blue, French Blue, Royal Blue, Mid Blue, Midnight Blue, Navy, Dark Navy, Teal, Turquoise, Mint Green, Grass Green, Emerald Green, Pine Green, Bottle Green, Brown


How We can Help You with Your Printed Umbrellas


Here at Umbrellas & Parasols we specialise in customising printed umbrellas and parasols specifically to our client’s requirements. This means we have a full and extensive range of promotional umbrella branding options, so you end up with a set of printed umbrellas that is completely attuned to your needs.


We custom-make all of our printed umbrellas which allows us to easily – and cheaply – add different finishes, umbrella components or branding options to your personalised printed umbrellas . As part of our service we are on hand to advise and guide you so if the number of options are a bit overwhelming just give us a call. We would be happy to offer some friendly guidance on what would work best for your brand as well as within your budget because it is important to us for you to get your branding effectively communicated.


Why not take a browse and see what finishes and printing techniques you could adopt to therefore make your promotional umbrellas truly stand out from the crowd.




If you need further guidance or support selecting the right branded options for your printed umbrellas, why not speak to one of the Brollies & Parasols team. Here at Brollies & Parasols we have expert knowledge and experience in the world of umbrellas. We are very happy to assist you with any queries you may have or guide you if you need any help choosing the right options for you and your branding so above all you have a set printed umbrellas that meet your expectations. Call us on 02920 494086 or drop us an email [email protected]