Printed Parasols: Premium Sustainable FSC Beech Wood ECO Parasol

  • Our premium sustainable FSC hardwood printed parasol with ECO canopy
  • UK STOCK:  2m x 2m, 3m x 3m & 4m x 4m [Square with 4 panels] + 2.5m [Round with 8 panels] ***LEAD TIMES FROM 2 WEEKS***
  • Sustainable high quality beech FSC hardwood frame, varnished and treated – central pole measuring 48mm [2 pieces]
  • Comes with a 2 year frame guarantee
  • ECO canopy made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Water and dust resistant and UV +50
  • Interchangeable sustainable FSC beech wood ribs measuring 18 x 34mm [4 ribs for 2m]; 8 ribs for 2.5m & bigger
  • Premium and robust stainless steel anti-rust components
  • Premium open and close with double pulley system with pin lock & leather rope pouch
  • Wind cap and wind valve
  • Optional valance (printable) – custom valance shapes available including scalloped and curved; fringing and tassels also available
  • Plastic free packaging and delivery available
  • Tree planted with every order
  • Replacement parts available to extend the life of the parasol, including ribs and canopies
  • Canopy Pantone matching available as standard
  • Simple logo print to all-over canopy designs
  • Part of our premium Über Brolly range to guarantee the highest quality and durability
  • A range of optional bases available

Performance Guarantee

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Our Premium Sustainable FSC Wood ECO branded parasols are the parasols of the future. The ultimate in sustainability and the only fully sustainable parasol in the UK! This parasol pairs exceptional quality and ultra strength with sustainable materials, including a beautiful FSC beech hardwood frame + ECO canopy, made from recycled PET bottles. Its robust stainless steel fixtures & reinforced runner add extra strength. Plus all components are interchangeable to extend the parasol\\\\\\\’s life.

We have UK stock of 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m and 4m x 4m sizes both with a square canopy with 4 panels (with or without a valance) and 2.5m with a round canopy with 8 panels (with or without a valance). Available with No MOQ ***LEAD TIMES FROM 2 WEEKS***

Comprising of a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable FSC beech wood frame, with our brand new ECO canopy. Our ECO canopies are made from RECYCLED PET FABRIC made from 100% PET bottles. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate. To create virgin PET, producers extract crude oil and natural gas from the Earth, then process and heat it to form a molten liquid and mould and solidify it into PET plastic containers. Once used these typically end up in landfill sites as single use plastic. We take these old PET containers and water bottles, process and heat them, spinning them into yarn.

Not only are the canopies fully made from recycled plastic but the production process versus virgin polyester uses 90% less water, 80% less energy and 65% less CO₂. Plus 1kg of RPET ensures 60 wasted water bottles are out of landfill. rPET yarns offer the same performance durability and high strength as virgin polyester.

Our premium, ultra strong and durable FSC beech wood thick frame and comes with a 2 Year Frame Guarantee so you can really trust its quality and longevity. The FSC wood we use is beautiful with the wood grain showing and is both varnished and treated for optimum longevity. The central pole measures 48mm that fits most central table holes and offers optimum strength. The FSC beech wood ribs measure 18mm x 34mm and attach to the canopy with premium metal eyelets rather than pockets.

Our Premium Sustainable FSC Wood ECO parasols have interchangeable components so if a part breaks we can supply a replacement part extending the life of the parasol. By replacing parts, this increases the longevity of the parasol, preventing premature filling of landfill and minimising consumerism. Another great sustainable component to these parasols.

These printed parasols have a neat and easy to use double pulley system with pin lock to open and close the canopy. We also provide a leather pouch for the rope to be safely stored in, out of the way of little hands. You will also find a wooden end cap and anti-rust stainless accessories for a premium finish.

These promotional parasols come with either a square canopy with 4 panels or round canopy with 8 panels. You can opt for a valance which can also be printed. We offer custom-shaped valances to suit all styles and designs, including scalloped and curved. We can also attach fringing and tassels to these for a on-trend look.

Brollies and Parasols use full colour digital printing for our Premium Sustainable FSC Wood ECO commercial parasols, as standard, allowing us to pantone match colours exact to your branding for a high end look. We use fade resistant canopy dyes, guaranteed to the highest fade resistance of the colours (7-8 degree according to ISO 105. B02), so you can trust your parasol will stay vibrant and eye catching.

Part of our premium Über Brolly range which guarantees premium quality and durability. You can be assured for the best materials, components and finishes for a luxurious and high end product. As such we provide a 2 year frame guarantee with this parasol so you can trust what we say!

As with all of our parasols, our Premium FSC Beech Wood ECO Parasols, do not come with bases. However we offer a few options if a base is required. To assess which base would be most appropriate we ask for the following information:
• The size of the parasol
• A brief description of the environment where the printed parasols will be located
• Will the parasol be attached to furniture e.g. within a table or stand alone?
• Will the branded parasol be in a group of parasols?
• Typical weather conditions – e.g. in sheltered area; in open space which is windy

Additional information


Sustainable FSC beech wood measuring 48mm – comes in 2 parts for easy transportation


Interchangeable sustainable FSC beech wood ribs measuring 18 x 34mm. 2m x 2m = 4 ribs / 2.5m + 3m + 4m = 8 ribs


ECO Canopies: rPET – RECYCLED PET FABRIC made from 100% PET bottles. FREE Pantone matching as standard. Fade-resistant dyes used, guaranteed to the highest fade resistance of the colours (7-8 degree according to ISO 105. B02). Water resistant & UV +50


UK Stock: 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m & 4m x 4m with 4 panels; 2.5m round [8 panels]
Other sizes available: Square  2.5m x 2.5m / 3.5m x 3.5m [4 panels] / Round: 1.8m / 2m / 3m* [6 or 8 panels]


Yes + wind valve


No minimum order quantity


Lead times from 2 weeks (dependant on UK stock)


Premium FSC beech wood frame and comes with a 2 Year Frame Guarantee


Printed Parasols: Parasol Options 


Brollies & Parasols’  printed parasols come with a range of different options.

We can custom make the valance for this parasol including the shape (e.g. scalloped / curved etc), add fringing or tassels.

  • Full canopy colour options
  • Pantone matched canopies
  • Valance
  • Valance printing
  • Custom shaped valances
  • Tassels / fringing available
  • Tie Wrap [ free for + 3m sizes]
  • Printed labels
  • Bases
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • UK STOCK : Square –  2m x 2m,  3m x 3m and 4m x 4m.  Round –  2.5m
  • We can also produce these parasols in a variety of other sizes upon request: ROUND CANOPY: 2.5m; 3m; 3.5m and 4m.  SQUARE CANOPY: 2m x 2m; 3m x 3m; 3.5m x 3.5m; 4m x 4m; 2m x 3m and 3m x 4m
  • Polyester [non ECO / rPET] canopies available
  • ECO canopy label can be added to the interior of the canopy for no extra cost


Branded Parasols: Printing Options 


Brollies & Parasols branded parasols come with a range of different options for printing; and consequently you have the following options:

  • Pantone colour matching
  • Full colour process printing
  • All over printing
  • Interior canopy printing
  • Double layered canopy
  • Contrasting colour trim
  • Branded woven label
  • ECO canopy logo can be added to the canopy for no extra cost


Here at Brollies & Parasols we specialise in customising promotional parasols specifically to our clients’ requirements. This means we have a full and extensive range of parasol branding options, resulting in promotional parasols that are completely attuned to your needs and branding.



We custom-make all of our printing parasols which allows us to easily and cheaply add different finishes, components and printing options to your personalised parasols. As part of our service we are on hand to advise and guide you so if the number of options are a bit overwhelming just give us a call.  Furthermore we would be happy to offer some friendly guidance on what would work best for your brand as well as within your budget.



Why not take a browse and see what finishes and printing techniques you could adopt to make your branded umbrellas or printed parasols truly stand out from the crowd even more: LEARN MORE




Need More Help With Your Printed Parasols?


Furthermore if you need guidance selecting the right branding options for your printed parasols, why not speak to one of the Brollies & Parasols team?  Here at Brollies & Parasols we have in depth knowledge and experience in the world of printed parasols and as a result can offer expert advice.  We are therefore very happy to assist you with any queries you may have.  Or even guide you if you need any help choosing the right options for you and your branding.  Just give us a call on 02920 494086.