Umbrellas & Parasols: Teak Parasol

  • High weather-resistant, super strong teak shaft and frame parasol
  • Highly durable and maintenance-free teak wood
  • Available with either a square or round canopy
  • Vented canopy for extra stability
  • Wide range of sizes between 3m and 4m
  • Superior quality, resistance and functionality
  • UV radiation, water and dust resistant
  • Fade resistant canopy dyes used
  • Range of bases available
  • All panels are customisable
  • Range of canopy colours available
  • Full branding options available
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The Umbrellas & Parasols Teak Parasol is our classic wood parasol made from highly durable and maintenance-free teak wood. Teak doesn’t just look beautiful, it is highly weather-resistant and over time is matures to a stunning silvery grey. This premium wood is also very strong making it ideal for outside furniture and parasols. This parasol’s shaft, frame and ribs are all made from teak sourced from sustainable forests in Indonesia and Malaysia.

You can opt for either a classic round (8 printable panels) or contemporary square (4 printable panels) canopy and both include a vent which provides extra stability and strength. Peace of mind that your parasol can withstand reasonable gusts of wind. Made from high-quality cotton, it is rain, dust and UV radiation resistant which can be fully branded and is available in a wide range of colours. It can even be Pantoned® matched.

Your logo will be printed onto your choice of panels or you can choice a more detailed branding option such as an overall print design, printing on all panels or valance printing.

Additional information


Highly durable, weather-resistant and maintenance-free teak wood


Highly durable, weather-resistant and maintenance-free teak wood


Classic round (with 8 panels) or contemporary square (with 4 panels). Cotton treated with a protection covering preventing water absorption and protects from rain, dust and harmful UV radiation


Classic round has 8 panels; Square canopy has 4 panels

Opening System

Easy opening mechamism with a telescopic system which allows parasol closure without the need to remove tables and chairs underneath it

Parasol Size

Range of Sizes Available: Round – 3.3m; 3.5m; 4m Square – 3m x 3m; 3.5m x 3.5m; 4m x 4m

Canopy Colour

Wide range of colours available. Fade-resistant dyes used, guaranteed to the highest fade resistance of the colours (7-8 degree according to ISO 105. B02)

Pole Size

Opt for either 40mm or 60mm

Rib Size

Opt for either 20mm x 28mm or 20mm x 35mm or 20mm x 40mm


Parasol Options


  • Square or round canopy
  • Wide range of canopy colour options
  • Shaft size options [40mm or 60mm]
  • Rib size options [20mm x 28mm or 20mm x 35mm or 20mm x 40mm]
  • Range of canopy sizes between 3m to 4m
  • Wood varnish options for shaft
  • Base options – water, sand or metal
  • Valence printing
  • For extra stability, upgrade to our Über Brolly Two-Tier Canopy Parasol


Branding Options


  • Pantone colour matching
  • Full colour process printing
  • All over printing
  • Interior canopy printing
  • Valence printing