Umbrellas & Parasols: Teak Parasol

  • High weather-resistant, super strong teak shaft and frame parasol
  • Highly durable and maintenance-free teak wood
  • Available with either a square or round canopy
  • Vented canopy for extra stability
  • Wide range of sizes between 3m and 4m
  • Superior quality, resistance and functionality
  • UV radiation, water and dust resistant
  • Fade resistant canopy dyes used
  • Range of bases available
  • All panels are customisable
  • Range of canopy colours available
  • Full branding options available

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Highly durable, weather-resistant and maintenance-free teak wood


Highly durable, weather-resistant and maintenance-free teak wood


Classic round (with 8 panels) or contemporary square (with 4 panels). Cotton treated with a protection covering preventing water absorption and protects from rain, dust and harmful UV radiation


Classic round has 8 panels; Square canopy has 4 panels

Opening System

Easy opening mechamism with a telescopic system which allows parasol closure without the need to remove tables and chairs underneath it

Parasol Size

Range of Sizes Available: Round – 3.3m; 3.5m; 4m Square – 3m x 3m; 3.5m x 3.5m; 4m x 4m

Canopy Colour

Wide range of colours available. Fade-resistant dyes used, guaranteed to the highest fade resistance of the colours (7-8 degree according to ISO 105. B02)

Pole Size

Opt for either 40mm or 60mm

Rib Size

Opt for either 20mm x 28mm or 20mm x 35mm or 20mm x 40mm


Parasol Options


  • Square or round canopy
  • Wide range of canopy colour options
  • Shaft size options [40mm or 60mm]
  • Rib size options [20mm x 28mm or 20mm x 35mm or 20mm x 40mm]
  • Range of canopy sizes between 3m to 4m
  • Wood varnish options for shaft
  • Base options – water, sand or metal
  • Valence printing
  • For extra stability, upgrade to our Über Brolly Two-Tier Canopy Parasol


Branding Options


  • Pantone colour matching
  • Full colour process printing
  • All over printing
  • Interior canopy printing
  • Valence printing