Promotional Umbrellas Guide

So you know you want some promotional umbrellas for an event or a branding exercise but you are baffled by the amount of choice. So where to start?


Start by thinking about what your promotional umbrellas is specifically for so you can decide what type of umbrella would be best suited. As a guide:

Umbrellas & Parasols Virgin Media Promotional Umbrella


Golf Promotional Umbrellas are great for sporting events and for gifts that make a statement. They have large canopies, ideal for impact printing, and are suitable for men and women. Golf umbrellas tend to make the most durable choice and provide a long-lasting product, plus Brollies & Parasols offer Fibre-Storm® technology giving you storm-proof guarantee.



Branded Umbrella All Over Printing

Walker City Printed Umbrellas are not as large as golf umbrellas so ideal for cities or where space isn’t so available. They are slightly shorter in length making them an ideal height to assist walking and support the user. Again Brollies & Parasols offer Fibre-Storm® technology for some of its Walker umbrellas giving you storm-proof and extremely durable product.




Pantone Match Printing for Branded Umbrellas

Telescopic Branded Umbrellas are compact and collapsible. They are super slim and fit ideally into bags, whether a goody bag or a handbag. Because of their size they are easy to store and giveaway. These come in a range of durability – depending whether you are looking for something more budget to last for an event or something stronger for more longevity.



Have a think what will suit your end user and your requirements the most effectively and then browse our ranges of promotional umbrellas:

Golf Promotional Umbrellas

Walker City Printed Umbrellas

Telescopic Branded Umbrellas


Once you have an idea of what type of promotional umbrella you think is most appropriate for you, simply fill in our Quick Quote form. This is a great way of getting some initial prices so you can see if it fits your budget. Don’t worry if the quote is way out of your price range, give us a call and we can show you some alternatives that fit the bill or ways to bring the final cost down. This may be as simple as going for a different colour or a cheaper handle could bring the price down considerable!Speak to a Specialist

Alternatively if you still aren’t 100% sure what umbrella would be best why don’t you us give us a call or drop us an email and we can go through some options with you:

Phone us on 029 2049 4086, or drop us an email:

Once we have heard from you our expert team we will then be in contact with a full quote, promotional umbrella specs and information on delivery and turnaround times.



Umbrellas & Parasols Step 2Next simply send us your logo and our Design Team can put together a range of design options for your branded umbrella. We can take direction from you if you have some ideas or if not just leave it to us!
We can also give you a full list of customisable branding options that you might be interested in that will make your promotional umbrella truly branded, including contrast trim, double canopies, Pantoned matched frames, packaging options and different handle styles. Find out more.

Once you are happy with the design…



Branding OptionsWe ship you a fully printed sample umbrella. You can review the promotional umbrella itself as well as the design, the printing and your logo.

Once you are happy with the sample….

STEP 5Umbrellas & Parasols Step 4

Just leave the rest to us and our factory will get moving to start manufacturing your branded umbrellas exact to your specifications. We have an expert team who can print and make your branded umbrellas quickly and to an extremely high standard. We then deliver these out direct to you – fast.

And finally you have a set of fully customised, personalised promotional umbrellas! It is as simple as that!