How To Reduce Environmental Impact Of Promotional Umbrellas

How To Reduce Environmental Impact Of Promotional Umbrellas

Have you ever given the environmental impact of your promotional umbrellas order?

The topic on everyone’s lips at the moment is plastic and the use of them.  Here at Logo umbrellas we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are starting to look at our premium branded umbrellas and cheap promotional umbrellas to see where we can use recycled parts and reduce our plastic use.

We have taken the decision to now to supply all most of our printed umbrellas without the plastic sleeve. This reduces our plastic consumption by 0.7%.  We are also starting to try and push our FSC wooden handles for all promotional umbrellas.  This will reduce our consumption down by another 8-10% depending on the style of branded umbrellas.

Promotional Umbrella Wooden Milan Handle

The next natural place to start save the environment is the branded umbrellas canopy.  With new advancements in technology we now can offer you a 100% recycled PET canopy for your promotional umbrellas. These are only available in limited colours at the moment, but we are adding more each month.

Metal Branded Umbrellas Shaft

The last part to look at is the metal shaft.  This is the easiest of all the parts for a promotional umbrellas to replace.  Brollies and Parasols are working with several the larger frame supplier to get this 100% recycled.  There is still a little way to go on this as there are a couple of small parts, on branded umbrellas, that don’t lend themselves to recycled metal.  Once these have been researched and design confirmed then we can say that our frame is the first in the world to be 100% recycled.  With over 33 million umbrellas sold each year, in America alone,  if we could convert 10% of these sells then the environment impact would be substantially.