Shine Bright with Metallic Branded Umbrellas

If you want to make your branded umbrellas stand out, then why not opt for a sprinkle of metallic?  Brollies & Parasols offer true metallic finishes for not only printing but also the canopy and canopy trim.

Many companies now incorporate metallic into their logo or branding.  So to transfer this effectively onto a printed product is key to many companies.  In many instances, a metallic finish can’t be achieve.  Or if can be there is a huge cost attached to it.  Brollies & Parasols does not fall into this category.   We offer a range of metallic finishes for very low cost for all of our branded umbrellas.


Metallic Print

Brollies & Parasols specialise in high quality print.  One of the many services we offer is metallic print.  This can be in an array of Pantone metallic colours including gold, silver, bronze, copper and gun metal.

This type of metallic print offers a true reflective shine.  The high gloss effect really catches the eye and ensures that the logo or branding really ‘pops’.


metalilc print on promotional umbrellasMetallic Canopy Colours

As part of our stock canopy colours, we offer a metallic silver and a metallic gold for all of our branded umbrellas.  This can be utilised as a full canopy colour or just a select number of panels.  For example as there are 8 panels in our printed umbrellas, 4 of these could be metallic and the other 4 can be a coordinating brand colour.

We also offer canopies that have a metallic interior.  This offers a great effect and lets the colour pop out rather than being too obvious.





Branded Umbrellas Metallic Interior

Metallic Trim


The other metallic option that is available for all of branded umbrellas is a metallic trim.  We use the same metallic canopy fabric to create a snazzy trim that encircles the entire canopy.  Great if you have opted for a metallic print or metallic panels for excellent coordination.


Make sure you shout your branding and get your printed umbrellas to stand out with our metallic options!  Why not give one of team a call on 02920 494086 or drop us an email with what you are looking for and we can get an instant quote back to you fast!  We can also advise and put together a free design visual so you can get an idea of what your metallic promotional umbrella looks like!