Promotional Umbrellas are your secret to a Successful Brand Campaign!

Promotional Umbrellas Introduction In today’s competitive business landscape, brand campaigns have become essential for companies aiming to establish a strong presence and create lasting impressions on their target audience. These campaigns help businesses build brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and drive sales. While there are various tactics to execute a brand campaign, the use of […]

Branded Parasols: Storage Solutions

We are excited to announce that we now offer a fully comprehensive storage service for our clients.  We can store your branded parasols and promotional umbrellas in our fully secure warehouse facility in Cardiff, Wales.  Boasting 24-hour security, electrified fences and site crash barriers, your promotional umbrellas and parasols couldn’t be ay more secure! Why […]

Printed Umbrellas with Colour Changing Canopies: See Your Branding Explode into Colour

Our printed umbrellas can now erupt into colour when the rain falls, brightening up any dreary day Brollies & Parasols are excited to introduce rain-activated colour canopies for our entire printed umbrellas range.  When the rain falls, the colours on the canopy are activated and the canopy explodes into full colour.   An eye catching way […]

Branded Umbrellas Metallic Interior

Shine Bright with Metallic Branded Umbrellas

If you want to make your branded umbrellas stand out, then why not opt for a sprinkle of metallic?  Brollies & Parasols offer true metallic finishes for not only printing but also the canopy and canopy trim. Many companies now incorporate metallic into their logo or branding.  So to transfer this effectively onto a printed […]

Promotional Umbrellas - Fibreglass Auto Golf Handle

Promotional Umbrellas: Seno Rubber VS EVA Handles

Brollies & Parasols not only have a large collection of promotional umbrellas, most of these printed umbrellas can be customised.  One of the aspects that you can modify is the umbrella handle.  We offer two types of handles for our branded golf umbrellas to give you the customer the optimum choice. Our standard EVA Foam handle […]

Branded Umbrellas Uber Wooden City Walker Handle

How To Reduce Environmental Impact Of Promotional Umbrellas

How To Reduce Environmental Impact Of Promotional Umbrellas Have you ever given the environmental impact of your promotional umbrellas order? The topic on everyone’s lips at the moment is plastic and the use of them.  Here at Logo umbrellas we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are starting to look at our premium […]

Easy Pantoned Matched Printed Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas need to embody your brand – both in quality and true-to-brand visually. Learn how you can get an exact colour match for your promotional umbrellas for low quantities and for low cost   If your company has a unique colour scheme then purchasing printed umbrellas can be an expensive business.  Pantone matched canopies […]

Does Size Matter for Promotional Umbrellas?

Does Size Matter for Promotional Umbrellas? Here at Brollies and Parasols we are attempting to answer the eternal promotional umbrellas question – does size matter?  From our XL golf branded umbrellas to our super mini ultimate printed umbrellas, does the size of the umbrellas matter to your business? If you think about the question long […]

Printed Umbrellas in Full Colour

Inject some colour into your printed umbrellas and enhance your branding… Brollies & Parasols offer over 30 standard stock canopy colours giving your maximum choice for FREE! Here at Brollies & Parasols we are proud to offer over 30 colours for our entire branded umbrellas range. We know how important colour is to branding. We […]

Let’s Ban Promotional Umbrellas in Bins!

Have you ever been standing at a bus stop or walking down the street and seen the sad sight of promotional umbrellas sticking out of a bin? At Brollies and Parasols, we are on a mission to stop this happening. Too many times we get calls from companies saying that “We ordered printed umbrellas last […]

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